Do you want to live slow & with more intention?

Join the Live Slow Challenge.

Slow living doesn't have to be a "some day" goal.

My Live Slow Challenge will help you - through a few simple exercises, a shift in your perspective, and gentle habit formation - learn how to infuse your life with intention and connection, and to begin to live slow.

Over the course of one month, you will receive a "live slow" challenge in your inbox each Sunday evening. You'll apply the specific challenge each day that week, and form new rhythms and routines.

A Daily Something is a lifestyle destination where Rebecca shares about the simple daily somethings that make life beautiful, and how to infuse your life with more simplicity and intention. Topics include recipes, life with littles, home décor, DIY projects, entertaining, slow and intentional living,  gatherings, and  personal style. Launched in 2011 as a personal creative outlet while studying political science, A Daily Something has grown to be an online community for those interested in beautifying and simplifying all areas of life and living slowly with intenion. 

A Daily Something is also a platform for brand collaborations, styling, and content creation for clients like Anthropologie, West Elm, Costco, Target, Land of Nod, Artifact Uprising, Madewell, FEED, Le Pain Quotidien, Aveeno, and more! 


A Daily Something is an online community for those interested in living slowly, and infusing life with more intention, beauty, & simplicity.


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